Tide Gauge

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Pressure Transducer option
Type: Vented strain gauge, with stainless steel mounting bracket.
Range: Standard 10dBar (approx 10 m), with 20 m cable.
Accuracy:  ±0.1% Full Scale.
Dimensions: 18 mm diameter x 80 mm.
Weather Sensor Options
Wind Speed: 0-60 m/s
Wind Direction:  0-359°
Dimensions: 142 mm x 160 mm.
Logging unit
Memory: 512 MB SD card memory
Sampling: Raw data sampled at 8Hz
Housing 52 x 144.5 x 197 mm.
Bracket 35 x 210 x 159 mm.
Mounted 61.5 x 210 x 197 mm
Weight:  1.1 kg (approx) including batteries.

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